Game Review: Omaha Skutt vs. Omaha Westside (Boys) – 3/19/21

This contest was featured as Nebraska Preps’s game of the week and for good reason. Nebraska Soccer Talk tagged along with Mike Sautter to cover the game. It is worth noting that it was wonderful seeing the stands packed with fans from both sides. These fan bases really got into the game and that enhanced the atmosphere on the field.

Omaha Skutt is a traditional Class B powerhouse that looks to be the frontrunner again this year. Skutt is correctly the #1 ranked team in Class B according to Nebraska Soccer Talk. Their opposition, Omaha Westside, is looking to reclaim a position atop the competitive Class A field. Westside is a big name with a new coach and high expectations. 

Really evident from the beginning was the differing attacking philosophies. Omaha Westside did very well to remain in possession of the ball, especially on their half of the field. Their defenders and goalkeeper were very comfortable with the ball, and Skutt seemed content with not opening themselves up. 57% of the game possession went to the Warriors but only five shots were created during the game. Using athleticism in the final third seemed to be the tactic as long passes were played in from the back. As timing develops throughout the season, goals should be produced, and forward Tristan Alvano looks to be that goal scorer for Westside. 

While having less of the ball, Skutt Catholic seemed to do more with it. Their possession and passing patterns were attack centric. It was a fun style of soccer that did contain more risk and turnovers, but also created more attacking chances. Even with almost ten minutes less of ball possession, the Skyhawks were able to double the amount of shot opportunities. Their entire team seemed to be connected and well organized. 

Thanks to players such as Caleb Vos, Andrew Davidson, and John Meyers, the Skyhawks put on an impressive display. Vos controlled the left side of the field and had more than a few impactful runs. Davidson really controlled the midfield. He was the connector, and the game really went through him.

This game was a physical and chippy matchup as both teams were awarded and converted a penalty kick. This PK would be Westside’s lone goal, while Skutt would find the net two more times.  As the night progressed, Westside did earn a few yellow cards. That will happen to a team that has many strong athletes. 

Game Result – Omaha Skutt 3   Omaha Westside 1

Man of the Match – Andrew Davidson 

NEST Quick Hits 

  • Nebraska Wesleyan is getting a very good player with Caleb Voss. He is a fluid athlete with exceptional ball skill. Perhaps even more important, he seems to understand the game in real time. He was able to impact the game through his vision and defensive angles. 
  • Omaha Skutt is the absolute frontrunner for Class B boys. There are other contenders, but this is a very good team at every position. 
  • It was fantastic to see both communities come out and support their team. The stands were full and enthusiastic. The game of soccer is growing in Nebraska, this game solidified my belief in that.
  • During the post game conversations, Nebraska Soccer Talk was able to discover the secret sauce of the Skutt program. It turns out the soccer program really took hold once a “borrowed” plastic lawn decoration was brought into the fold. The medium sized and decorated plastic bird has seen better days, but it is sure to have some fond soccer memories. Just to be clear, the previous owner was long ago notified and gave their blessing for further usage. 


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