Get To Know Me (Player Spotlight) – Riley Wrhel

At Nebraska Soccer Talk, we love covering everything soccer related. For the most part, that means covering games and providing analysis/opinions. However, our overall mission and purpose is far reaching and ambitious. Our goal is to bring the soccer community closer together through collaboration and communication.  There are countless people that deserve recognition for their efforts as a player, official, or coach. Throughout the year, we will be highlighting these individuals through our Get To Know Me articles.

This will be a series made up of three different components. All of which is meant to bring attention to the soccer community.

  1. Get To Know Me (Coach Edition) – These individuals are responsible for building their programs, growing the game of soccer, and mentoring the next generation. We look forward to learning about their lives and philosophies.
  2. Get To Know Me (Player Edition) – This article series will focus on high school juniors and seniors that have demonstrated themselves to be quality players and people. With these features, our community will learn about some of the most impressive players in the state.
  3. Future of the Game – This article series will focus on the freshmen and sophomore classes. These are players that we will be covering for years to come.

Thank you to every individual that provided information for this idea. We appreciate your thoughtful and timely responses.


Riley Wrhel

Parent/Guardian: Janet Wrhel

High School Team: Lincoln Northeast High School Girls Soccer

Position: I typically play center defensive midfielder

Grade: I am a senior

What is your favorite subject in school? Why? 

My favorite subject is science because ever since i was younger I enjoyed all the aspects that went into it and the chemical reactions.

What are your future plans?

I will be continuing my academic and soccer career at Hastings College

Who’s your favorite soccer player and why?

My favorite soccer player is Carli Lloyd. She is a big team player and never gives up no matter what obstacles are thrown at her. Her mentality is what I dream of having.

Throughout your high school career, you have undoubtedly learned many lessons and matured as a player. Based on those lessons and experiences, give three pieces of advice to your freshman self.

When I was a freshman I came into the team very nervous and with little to no confidence in my abilities. I would probably tell freshman me that it’s ok to make mistakes but you have to recover quickly from them and not dwell on the past. I would also probably tell her that it doesn’t matter what other people say about you or your abilities, you know who you are and that’s all that matters. Finally I would tell her to just relax and have fun. It’s only high school.

Who has helped you become the player that you are today? How did they help you? Is there anything you would like to tell them?

The main people that have helped me become who I am are my coaches and my teammates. They are supportive and help whenever I need help but push enough where it makes me want to be better. The main thing I would like to tell them is just Thank you. Thank you for always being there and helping me.


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