Class B Championship Previews

Class B Boys – Omaha Skutt vs. Lexington – Wednesday, May 19th @ 8:00 PM

Omaha Skutt Catholic – #1 Seed (20-1)

Road To The Finals

  • Quarterfinals – Defeated Platteview 10-0
  • Semifinals – Defeated Bennington 3-1

Key Players

  • #0 Zach Weis – Senior goalkeeper that has allowed just three goals in 21 appearances. The Nebraska Wesleyan commit is a leader in the net and a major impacter on the game. Weis has excellent hands, quality distribution, and the confidence to play keeper at a high level.
  • #1 Andrew Davidson – Senior midfielder that controls the game from his central position. Davidson has accumulated 9 goals and 15 assists this season. He is a consistent threat that has scored or assisted in every game this season.
  • #4 Caleb Vos – Another Nebraska Wesleyan commit. Vos will be taking his impressive footwork, motor, and soccer IQ to the next level. He is exciting to watch as he runs the lanes on the side of the field. 10 goals and 11 assists on the season.
  • #10 John Meyers – Senior defender that has been a stable force on the backline. Meyers has partnered with his fellow defenders to allow only 3 goals this season.

Lexington – #2 Seed (20-1)

Road To The Finals

  • Quarterfinals – Defeated South Sioux City 2-0
  • Semifinals – Defeated Mount Michael Benedictine 1-0

Key Players

  • #9 Yoskar Galvan – Senior midfielder that committed to Iowa Western earlier this season. Galvan is a special kind of talent that can do it all with this pace and on-ball skill. Yoskar has 17 goals and 21 assists this season. He will have to be a major factor in this match in order to defeat Skutt.
  • #10 Junior Casillias – Senior midfielder that is also an Iowa Western soccer commit. Casillias has been on our radar all season long. This is a player capable of changing the game at a moment’s notice. Junior is best when on the ball with an attacking mentality.

NEST Analysis: This game will feature two of the best possession teams that the state has to offer. Expect Skutt to come out fast in an attempt to speed up the pace of play. That has been their style all season long, it won’t change now. The Skyhawks are adept at pressing their opponents into a panic and making the most of the counterattacks. This team loves the over-the-top switch to their talented wingers. Lexington’s attack will determine the outcome of this game, they must find a way to score multiple goals against a team that has only allowed three all season. The Minutemen are capable of doing this with their confidence and flair. Lexington has and will continue to place an emphasis on its midfield play. Casillias and Galvan are given a lot of positional freedom within this scheme. The Lexington defense will presumably play with a deep-dropping sweeper type of center-back. That wrinkle that mystified opponents all season long.

Prediction: Lexington has a ton of talent and it’s great to see a Central Nebraska team on this stage. However, Omaha Skutt has been absolutely dominant all season. This one ends with a Skyhawk title. 3-1 Omaha Skutt


Class B Girls – Omaha Skutt vs. Norris – Wednesday, May 19th @ 5:00 PM

Omaha Skutt – #1 Seed (19-1)

Road To The Finals

  • Quarterfinals – Defeated Omaha Roncalli Catholic 7-1
  • Semifinals – Defeated Lincoln Lutheran/Raymond Central 7-1

Key Players

  • #6 Cady Bettsworth – Senior midfielder that is a do it all type of athlete. A determined presence in the midfield, Bettsworth will need to be a factor in this game. A stat line of 11 goals and 13 assists this season.
  • #15 Kaeylyn Reeves – The senior forward is a Wayne State soccer commit. Safe to say, the Wildcats are getting a difference maker in the attack. 12 goals and 6 assists on the season, she will be looking to add a few more in the championship match.
  • #19 Jenna Hotovy – Senior defender that is committed to play at South Dakota State. The Skyhawks have allowed 4 goals in all competitions, a lot of that credit has to go to Hotovy.
  • #20 Cece Behrens – Senior forward that has been the Class B girls player of the year. Although there will be a ton of talent in this championship, Behrens will be the best amongst them. The future Omaha Maverick has 39 goals and 11 assists.

Norris – #2 Seed (20-0) 

Road To The Finals

  • Quarterfinals – Defeated Lexington 2-0
  • Semifinals – Defeated Omaha Duchesne 4-2

Key Players

  • #1 Kennedy Sullivan – A lot of worthy names on this squad, but time to pay attention to this FRESHMAN midfielder. Norris is here to stay due to their young core of talent. Sullivan has 12 goals and 12 assists on the season. She has risen to the occasion versus top teams.
  • #3 Reese Borer – The sophomore midfielder has been an impact player all season long. She is a major part of the talented crop of players that have taken Norris to new heights. She will be a top player for years to come in the state of Nebraska. 17 goals with 5 assists this season.
  • #5 Molly Ramsey – The senior three-sport star is an exciting athlete and overall story. She is the leader of this team as she brings a winner’s mentality to the field. Ramsey is a speedy forward that understands how to find the back of the net. Her 2021 stat line reads 19 goals and 6 assists.
  • #10 Hanna Schroeder – Another senior attacker that has done her part in building this program. Schroeder has been impressive all year long with 14 goals and 8 assists.

NEST Analysis: The storyline for this match practically writes itself. A traditional powerhouse filled with division one talent seeks to add another trophy to the case. On the other side, the up-and-coming Norris Titans attempt to add an exclamation point to a dream season. This is a game that will potentially have a flurry of goals and fast-paced play. Cece Behrens and Molly Ramsey will star for their individual teams, which one will have the golden foot?

I expect Skutt to establish early momentum while Norris adjusts to this level of opposition. Norris will compete hard and it is essential for them to stay disciplined defensively.

Prediction: This one is going to be a great show to watch, and I am excited to see it all play out. The final scoreline will not represent the reality on the field. Omaha Skutt will be too consistent and take advantage of their chances late in the game. 4-2 Omaha Skutt.


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