Get To Know Me (Player Spotlight) – Laine Alber

At Nebraska Soccer Talk, we love covering everything soccer related. For the most part, that means covering games and providing analysis/opinions. However, our overall mission and purpose is far reaching and ambitious. Our goal is to bring the soccer community closer together through collaboration and communication.  There are countless people that deserve recognition for their efforts as a player, official, or coach. Throughout the season, we will be highlighting these individuals through our Get To Know Me articles.

This will be a series made up of three different components. All of which are meant to bring attention to the soccer community.

  1. Get To Know Me (Coach Edition) – These individuals are responsible for building their programs, growing the game of soccer, and mentoring the next generation. We look forward to learning about their lives and philosophies.
  2. Get To Know Me (Player Edition)This article series will focus on high school juniors and seniors that have demonstrated themselves to be quality players and people. With these features, our community will learn about some of the most impressive players in the state. 
  3. Future of the Game – This article series will focus on the freshmen and sophomore classes. These are players that we will be covering for years to come.

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Laine Alber

Parent(s)/Guardian(s): Kathy Alber and Corey Alber

High School Soccer Team: Burke Girls Varsity Soccer 

Position: I normally play goalie 

Club Team: I play for SOFC

Grade: I am currently a junior

What is your favorite subject in school? Why? 

My favorite subject in school is either math or science, but I specifically love chemistry. I like STEM classes because they always have a specific answer to each question and I love the challenge of finding that one answer.

What are your future plans? 

Currently, my plan is to go to a college somewhere in town or in the state and my dream school is Creighton! I want to major in biology or chemistry in hopes of following the pre-pharmacy track to become a pharmacist when I am older!

Who’s your favorite soccer player and why? 

My favorite soccer player is Rose Lavelle on the US women’s national soccer team! I have loved her ever since she joined the team, mainly because she was such a young player that was living out every little girl’s dream. I have always looked up to the women’s national team because they are so extremely talented and dedicated, so when Lavelle joined the team, she was just another great addition that contributed so much to the game. 

Throughout your high school career, you have undoubtedly learned many lessons and matured as a player. Based on those lessons and experiences, give three pieces of advice to your freshman self. 

I have learned so much about myself as a soccer player throughout my high school career and I am so incredibly grateful for all of the memories I have made by being a part of Burke’s soccer team. To my freshman self, I would say to remember the love I have for soccer; I tend to get so wrapped up in my own thoughts during games and practices that soccer becomes more of a stressor than a blessing. I often need to remind myself that the love I have for this sport is stronger than anything else and that I need to resort to that love and passion when I am facing hardships.

Another piece of advice I would have for my freshman self is to start viewing each game and practice as a new opportunity to improve and get better. Every failure and success has taught me so much in my soccer career and it all allows me to improve as a player, so it is always helpful to have that growth mindset that focuses on my progress rather than my struggles.

The final piece of advice I would have for my freshman self is to cherish each moment that I am able to play soccer with my teammates at Burke. With our season being cancelled last year because of the pandemic, everything has been put into perspective for me and I never want to take my high school soccer experience for granted again. I have formed so many life-long friendships by playing for Burke and the memories I have made with this team will continue to stick with me for the rest of my life. 

Who has helped you become the player that you are today? How did they help you? Is there anything you would like to tell them? 

Without a doubt, my sister Payton Alber has helped me become the soccer player and person I am today. I owe absolutely everything to her; she has taught me everything I know and she is truly the person I look up to most. Payton helps me stay grounded in life and she is constantly encouraging me to be hardworking and give 100% on and off the field. I remember growing up and watching her play soccer her entire life, so naturally I wanted to start playing soccer as well. My sister has always come to my soccer games and practiced soccer with me in our backyard; she has always been my number one supporter and I cannot thank her enough for it. 

Could you see yourself coaching soccer someday? Is that a path that you are interested in following? If so, why? 

I could easily see myself coaching soccer someday! I do not think I will ever lose passion for this sport so I would love to see myself pass on my love for soccer to another generation of kids. In my day to day life, I would not consider myself a leader, but this completely changes when I step onto the soccer field. Soccer gives me a sense of confidence and authority that I often lack in other parts of my life. Being a soccer coach would allow me to step up as a leader and teach kids about this amazing sport and hopefully give them the confidence that I gain from soccer as well. 


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