Bellevue University – Women’s College Spotlight

Although it is rarely covered by the traditional media giants of the state, Nebraska is filled with exciting and competitive collegiate soccer programs. In fact, Nebraska contains a grand total of THIRTY programs for men and women. Those thirty programs compete across a wide variety of collegiate levels including Division I, Division II, Division III, NAIA, and junior college.

Nebraska Soccer Talk is here to examine, cover, and promote all of these teams. This task has been made a bit more challenging by the circumstances created by COVID-19. Depending on the playing level, conference, and school, the season outlook changes drastically. Roster information can also be in flux, depending on the school. Despite these challenges, our staff attempted to put together the best program summaries possible. To our knowledge, we are the only outlet providing such coverage to our state’s college programs.

Just like Nebraska Soccer Talk, this column will grow and become more in depth as the years pass. In the future, we hope to provide sideline coverage of games, facility features, coach and player interviews. We look forward to the journey ahead. Thank you for being a part of our community. The sport of soccer is growing in Nebraska, and we intend to see it thrive.

Disclaimer – In the making of this article, team websites and other research sources were utilized. Although we attempt to avoid them whenever possible, errors can occur. Please contact us directly with corrections.

Bellevue University

Head Coach – Tom White

Assistant Coaches – Amy Tilley

Mascot – Bruins

Previous Records

Year Regular Season Record
2019 6-6-3
2018 10-5
2017 11-5
2016 12-5-1

Nebraska Homegrown Players On Roster – 

  • #2 Kaycee Driver – So – Nebraska City – F
  • #3 Jaycee Billings – Fr – Gross Catholic – M
  • #4 Jaedyn Tryon – Fr – Omaha Burke – F
  • #5 Taylan Murphey – So – Waverly – M
  • #6 Emah Maahs – Jr – Waverly – D
  • #8 Daisy Ochoa-Rojas – Jr – Omaha South – M
  • #9 Courtney Wallingford – Jr –  Bellevue West – M
  • #11 Britney Nolte – Fr – Platteview – F
  • #12 Morgan Mcllnay – Fr – Millard North – D
  • #13 Emma Phillipson – Sr – Millard South – D
  • #17 Chloe Madigan – Sr – Omaha Central – D
  • #19 Maddy Vasquez – Fr – Omaha Central – M
  • #21 Jenna Curtis – Fr – Conestoga – D
  • #25 Angela Miranda – So – Omaha Bryan – F
  • #26 – Abril Mendez – So – Omaha Bryan – D
  • #27 Emma Stock – Fr – Papillion La Vista South – D
  • #29 Jayda Noble – Sr – Bellevue West – F
  • #30 Sinai Bernal – Fr – Elkhorn – M

18/25 = 72%

NEST Analysis – An exciting program, the Bellevue University women’s team has a bright future if their recent history is any indication. Coach Tom White is currently in his 2nd season as head coach with Bellevue University. In that short amount of time, an uptick in roster numbers and talent has occurred. It is a roster full of homegrown playmakers that will be able to compete at a very high level within the North Star conference. Recent transfers from Division I and II programs will bolster this team’s performances throughout the coming seasons. In addition, the Bruins have done very well in terms of branding which often goes overlooked in the grand scheme of things. 

Finally, from a recruiting and living standpoint, Bellevue University has advantages simply because of its placement in Sarpy County. Newly constructed  facilities located at Papillion Landing give the Bruins a major upgrade. Bruin home games are now played at this first rate facility. Unlike many other small-town NAIA schools, the allure of the Omaha metro area is there for the Bruins to exploit.  With all of those recruiting pulls, the Bruins are a team with a positive trajectory. 


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