Das Reboot: How German Soccer Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World – Book Recommendation

As coaches, players, and generally as people, we should always be looking to improve in one way or another. Continual growth and lifelong learning are impactful characteristics that shape a prosperous future. By improving ourselves, we can positively impact our surroundings on a greater scale. 

At Nebraska Soccer Talk, we have many objectives. We are here to promote players and coaches that participate in the game we love. As the season gets underway, NEST is also going to be covering as many games as humanly possible with a three person operation. However, we have a more overarching goal of forming an uplifting and supportive soccer community. We plan to do that in many different ways with the assistance of our readers. 

In the world we live in, there are countless resources at our disposal. Some are worth the time and effort, others simply are not. Sorting through those resources can be confusing, as well as time consuming. This article series is meant to make your growth process simple, enjoyable, and organized. Many of these resources are valuable, regardless of your level or role. Youth, high school, club, college, and pro coaches can benefit from these resources. Players, especially team leaders, can learn many valuable lessons. Finally, these items would be great for any parent looking to be more prepared for their child’s development.  

As a young coach and director, I spent countless hours searching and researching the internet for material. Throughout that process, I came across wonderful books, articles, and videos that have impacted me. These resources cover a myriad of topics, including game tactics, data analysis, roster construction, team bonding, program pillars, leadership, and so much more. Through Nebraska Soccer Talk, I wanted to share the resources that have helped me grow as a person and coach.

Das Reboot: How German Soccer Reinvented Itself and Conquered the World

By Raphael Honigstein

NEST Review Das Reboot focuses on the restructuring of the German style of development and play leading up to the nation’s 2014 World Cup win. It is a story of how ultimate failure can be the springboard for a prosperous future, if handled correctly. For me, the lessons learned by German football as a whole were easily applicable to individual youth programs. For high school and youth coaches this would be an excellent resource as you develop the pathway of your players. This book does an excellent job of introducing initiative development philosophies that simply make sense once pointed out. For every high school program, the youth setup is critical for success. The youth players of today are your varsity contributors of tomorrow. Das Reboot gives the tools for focusing on long-term development instead of the ‘win now’ mindset for younger ages. How did Germany create a seemingly endless pipeline of world class talent? It wasn’t by fate or luck. Learn about it with this read.  

For those not interested in youth development, Das Reboot also gives a behind the scenes look at the 2014 World Cup experience. 

Table of Contents

  1. Angst 2014
  2. A Man of Small Goals
  3. Go West
  4. Second-game Itch
  5. Germany, a Summer’s Tale
  6. Not the End
  7. We Against Us
  8. The Beginning of the Beginning
  9. Ice Barrel Challenge
  10. More Is More
  11. Grill Shack
  12. An Island of Modern Football
  13. Vorsprung durch Technik
  14. Mineraco
  15. The Gallic Village
  16. Diving with the Maldives
  17. Getting Closer with Arne Friedrich
  18. The Longest Goal


NEST Rating – ★★★★★

Amazon Rating – ★★★★★

Goodreads Rating – ★★★★☆


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