Omaha Westside – Class A Team Preview (Girls)

Previewing an upcoming season is never an easy task. To do so properly takes countless hours of emails, observations, statistical research, conversation, and reflection. Adding onto that difficulty are challenges, such as a cancelled 2020 season and lingering COVID restrictions, making our preview preparation feel almost impossible.

Despite these obstacles, the approaching 2021 season and its participants – whether that be players, coaches, fans, or families – deserve some semblance of normalcy. Soccer in Nebraska and all those who participate deserve to be promoted. Over the course of the next several weeks, NEST will overview EVERY high school soccer program in our state. This was done to the best of our ability using all of the information we could collect.

Nebraska Soccer Talk is here to support many fantastic teams, coaches, players, fans, and referees that make our game possible. One mission of this venture is to discover and centralize newsworthy information. This can only be done in collaboration with individual programs. As a whole, our sport must better promote itself in order to grow the player and supporter pool. We encourage every team to proudly and consistently advertise itself to us and the general public. The more information available, the more our game will grow. Soccer is a game historically left behind to linger in the background in the United States. That circumstance is changing, but that change will not happen automatically. Growing and covering all aspects of our sport will take effort from all of those who love it.

Disclaimer – To prepare for these articles, a questionnaire was sent to every school’s head coach and athletic director. Many of these questionnaires were returned in a timely fashion, others were not. Nebraska Soccer Talk prides itself on equal and in-depth coverage, but cooperation is needed to meet that goal. Please consider this to be our reasoning when it comes to article length and accuracy.

Omaha Westside

Head Coach – Chris Dunford

Previous Records

Year Record
2019 10-6
2018 12-3

Players to Watch – Lena Homan (Black Hills State soccer signee), Ellie Temero (St.Thomas soccer signee)

State Status – Front Runner, Contender, Dark Horse, Up-And-Coming, Building, Too Early To Tell

Previous Season Accomplishments – 2019 Class A State Qualifier

NEST Analysis – Omaha Westside enters 2021 with exciting talent and state title aspirations when it comes to the girls soccer program. Lena Homan and Ellie Temero are two talents sure to garner attention from opposing coaches throughout the year. Game planning against them may prove to be a tough task, especially if other players are able to emerge. Qualifying for the state tournament in 2019 was an impressive accomplishment for the Warriors, but there are questions surrounding the follow-up campaign. Despite those unknowns, Coach Dunford has built a solid program, which usually produces at a high level. Given that reputation, Omaha Westside lands on our list of Teams on the Verge. With a few weeks of early season observation, the Warriors entering our Top 10 list is a very real possibility.


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